ODM PCB Design


One to one service for ODM PCB Design

Please send RFQ to service@omaginetech.com


One to one service for ODM PCB Design

Please send RFQ to service@omaginetech.com


ODM Process


We are experienced in the following domains related hardware design. We are able to provide the best design and solution for your projects according to your requirements.








Raspberry Pi


Requirement confirmation

Please email us with the requirements on function, PCB specification, power-in & out manner, estimated current and designated chip. Our engineers and sales will contact you for more details at first time.


After all details is confirmed, a quotation along with design schedule will be provided. Quotation consists of labor cost and sample making.

Schematic Diagram

A schematic diagram based on the required function and details will be done during this phase.

Components Selection

All components will be function-oriented and well fitted your project. We will have a cost-effective solution for your project.

Layout Development

The engineers need information for PCB layout: what environment the PCB will be in, what structure the PCB will be placed in, and the other special requests for the PCB from your side.

Sample making

PCB manufacture and PCB assembly will be done during this phase. It will take around 7working days for us to produce samples.

Testing & Debugging

Sample will be tested and debugged during this phase. If programming is required for function test, please kindly send firmware to us. We will ship the samples to you, if samples work well as per the requirements. Otherwise, we need debugging and remaking samples.

Mass Production

Mass production is available. If mass production is done by us, the design cost will be refunded after the orders reach a certain quantity.


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