4.3″ HMI capacitive touch display 480*272 TTL RS485 serial screen


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It can be applied to mobile phone, handheld device, POS device, dash cam, smart home device,game machine…

Model NO. SANY-WQ-S43-0x
Dimension 4.3inch
Resolution 480(RGB)X272
View angle Ordinary angle 55°/55°/45°/55° or super-wide angle 85°/85°/45°/85°
Size 105.2*67.07
View area 95.4*53.86mm
Backlight type 8LED
Brightness 300 CD/M2
Interface/port 4pin, 2.54mm
Serial port type TTL , RS485, USART
Scripting Language C language
Touch Type Resistive touch screen
Resistive touch screen Single point, swipe touch


  1. It supports audio, QR code, USB downloading at 200KB/s.
  2. C language script and user -defined protocol by C language, which can be compatible with all kind of serial port protocol.
  3. Data collection transmits to serial port screen directly, and is processed, displayed and transmitted back by user-defined protocol.
  4. It is compatible with 485,CAN protocol, which can be easily connected with PLC of auto and other industrial PLC
  5. It has audio player, support MP3 MP4 play.


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